Quick Catalog Search
How does quick search work and what does it search?
The quick search will find all items in the catalog that contain your character string anywhere in the description or item number. If you use a space, it will search on both parts of the string and return every item that contains both. The search also looks at "replaced by" data, so a search on an old item number will return the new item.
Why is there an order comment and an order note on the order confirmation page?
The order comment field will carry through the entire ordering process. It will print on the paperwork used in pulling the order and it will print on the final packing list that is enclosed with the shipment. The "My Note" field is an area for you to keep notes about this order for future reference. This note will not be referred to anywhere else in the process and will not print out on any paperwork. You will see this note when you look at the order in history.
What does it mean when the Available column shows "B/O"?
This means that the item is temporarily out of stock, but will be replenished. If you order this item, it will be sent to you when it arrives. If there are other items in your order that are in stock, they will be sent to you.
What does the order status "RELEASED" mean?
Once you submit an order it is listed in history as PENDING. In most cases your order will need no further approval and the order will move to the warehouse for fulfillment. At this point the order shows a status of "RELEASED". Once the order is shipped the status changes to "COMPLETE". If one or more of the items on your order was put on backorder, the status would show as "PARTIAL" until all items have shipped.
When is the latest an order can be placed to be shipped the next day?
The latest an order can be placed to ship the next day is 3PM Eastern Standard Time.
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